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The Gimnasio Moderno has always stood out for establishing bonds of brotherhood and solidarity among all members of its community..


  • Since March, the school has stopped receiving income for transportation, food, swimming pool and events in the Cultural Center and in the green areas.
  • 150 families have struggled to meet the tuition payment.
  • The school has been paying the payroll for all its teachers staff and collaborators.

Current status:

For the peace of mind of all and in order to clarify perceptions, we want to inform you that, thanks to the careful management of the Office of the Ombudsman, under the careful supervision of the Board of directors of the School, the Foundation Gimnasio Moderno has a financial soundness that allows it to manage all its expenses and scheduled investments.

What are we looking for with this campaign?

We seek to strengthen a scholarship fund, called #NiUnoMenos,to help pay the school tuition to families of the school who have been financially affected by the crisis caused by Coronavirus..

For such reason, we need to awaken the spirit of solidarity of all members of the community, so that #NiUnoMenos of our students will leave and we can be the #TheGimnasioModernoAsItHasAlwaysBeen.

We count on everyone’s generosity!

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Savings account: 91000010300
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Identification document: NIT 860.013.830-3


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